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How we work

Here are the steps we take when creating new products or helping existing products.

We transform how businesses create and source products to unleash their full market potential. See the common steps.



Initial call and conversation.

During our initial call, we will find as much about your product as we can. We also send over any NDA forms that need signing and set up a time for your free product consult with one of our team members. To get started, give us a call during our regular business hours.



Info gathering and free product consultation.

During this call, we dive a little deeper into your product to help advise us on how to proceed. We will then begin working on your product development plan. This conversation will typically be with one of our design engineers.

Our goal here is to:
1. Get a more fundamental understanding of your product from a design and engineering perspective.
2. Determine if we are a good fit for each other.

This is a great time to have your product questions ready to be answered by one of our design pros.



Deep dive and product development plan.

During the development plan, our team gets to work looking for design deficiencies and mapping out each part of the development process.

We will outline the best manufacturing approach we see at this stage and review what documentation will be needed to bring your product to life.

While doing this, we will always be looking at two key variables, time and cost.



Statement of work and proposal.

This is when we present our development plan to you and break out all our services out into a statement of work. This document will break down each phase and include time and cost estimates. The great thing about our proposals is that they allow you to pick and choose the services you want and leave out those that you don’t. We can do the work in whole or in part.

Important sidenote – we require all products go through an infringement review whether by an attorney you choose or by one of ours.



You choose what you want and we get started.

Assuming you made the excellent choice to work with us, we will begin work according to our development plan.