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How great products are born

How great products are born

We transform how businesses create and source products to unleash their full market potential. See the common steps.

1. Idea & Design Concepts

The goal of the first step is to make sure we understand everything about your product. How does it work? What will it be used for? What does it look like? Etc.

2. Design Documentation

In this step, depending on your product, we dig into the details and get your product manufacturing ready. We will work up the tech packs, 3D or 2D cad drawings or finalize a formulation.

3. Prototype & Testing

A prototype is typically never the final design. Usually, there are about 2 -3 revisions during this phase depending on the complexity of your product. Product improvement is an ongoing process. All active customers get design revisions for FREE.

4. Manufacturing Tools & Aids

Once the design is finalized there typically is a one-time setup fee for any custom tooling needed. This can be anything from stamping to print plates, to injection molds. Doing this will make all future product runs much faster.

5. Manufacturing Start-Up

Getting the facility up to full speed is no easy task. This is why we put an engineer on the ground, so you don’t have to travel back and forth to the facility or sleep there. This allows us to dial in the process and make tweaks on the fly which can save you up to 6 months of development time.

6. Quality Assurance

During our QA checks, we look at the defect counts and other testing checks to make sure your product has the highest level of quality according to spec. We do this on site and is another benefit of having us on the ground in the factory.

7. International & Domestic Logistics

This can be tricky unless you know what you’re doing. Tariffs, IP issues, materials declarations, and more. These are a few things you will need to know how to manage to make sure your product can get from the factory to the final destination.

8. Warehousing & Storage

Whether Amazon, your garage, or another facility you will need to make sure your storage facility is up to standard and your shipping processes and procedures can work seamlessly with any 3rd party software you may be using.